Jan. 10th, 2011

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So, having been a film student longer than is probably healthy, I have this horrible tendency to overreact when I come across fanfic that makes mistakes when it comes to on-set etiquette and I got to thinking today:

Would anyone be interested if I wrote up a little do's-and-don'ts of film and TV sets to use as a reference?

I mean, I'm by no means an expert, but there are little things that most people aren't familiar with that I do know and could offer up my knowledge and experience if anyone would be interested.
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Okay so at least 3 of you want my film/TV set reference guide and I actually, er, just wrote up the vast majority of it. Hehe. Anyway, what I have now is a list of important crew members and the hierarchy on set, some lingo and terms, a whole section on working with actors and some other random tips. I'm worried I may have strayed away from the fandom spin on this so if there's anything you want to ask please tell me and I'll include it in the guide!!!
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I've been a film student for four years now and plan to go off into the big bad world to become a director *fingers crossed* So while I am no means an expert, I do have some knowledge and experience with filmmaking and being on set. Which means that four years ago, I would've read fic with little mistakes regarding the industry and on set etiquette and not thought twice about it, but now I can't help but flinch every time I come across them. But the thing is, most people have no reason to know that stuff. I often joke with fellow film students that the filmmaking world appears just enough like the real world to fool everyone, but as soon as you're a part of it it's a whole different animal. If you're not in that world it's really hard to know all the stuff that goes into making it.

So, if you're writing an RPF fic, or fanfiction set in the world of film or TV and need a few pointers on what that world is like, I've made this little reference guide for you! Aren't I nice? Now, I am a film maker, so my experience is with film and while TV is a hell of a lot different from film, there is enough crossover that these kinds of tips will apply to both. And a lot people aren't going to get super in depth with their fics to need to know something like what color order different script rewrites need to be in, so this guide will cover just the big picture stuff, aka the stuff I come across most in fics that are incorrect. But, if you do want to know stuff that I've left off by all means ASK ME. Most fic readers aren't going to notice if you got something wrong, but you never know if you've got a film student reading who's having an aneurysm because you don't know what a Key Grip does ;)

You can jump to a section that you're curious about, and as a bonus I've bolded important phases so you can be even more selective of what you're going to read! God, I'm so nice.

Jump to a specific section
The Single Most Common Mistake, and the one most important not to make
Preproduction, Casting and Rehearsals
Roles on Set by Department
More on Actors
Other Tips

The Single Most Common Mistake, and the one most important not to make )

Preproduction, Casting and Rehearsals )

Roles on Set by Department )

More on Actors: )

Read more... )

Lingo )

So I hope that wasn't too daunting and that you can use this reference guide however you want. You don't have to keep super close to it, or you could ignore it all together, it's up to you but I hope some of you found it useful! If there's something I didn't cover that you still have questions about, or a question that's specific to a fic you're writing please feel free to ask.


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