Jan. 8th, 2011

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So I had an insanely lovely day today. Some of you might remember me filming a scene last October, and I'm not sure if I mentioned but it was at this not-for-profit music academy in the suburbs that just happened to have a dungeon downstairs. In return for me filmming there, I told them I would film this little presentation thing when they give one of their staff an award in April.

Anyway, today I went up there at 10 AM, and I was planning on getting back to the city at either 1:30 or 3:30, but I ended up having to stay much longer. Still, it was actually really nice because I set myself up in their big entrance hall, right next to a fireplace, and hung out there all day. Everyone once and a while one of the kids would get sent to me so I could do my little video interview thing, but otherwise I was just dicking around on my computer, people watching. Oh, and I got a free piece of pizza, which was delicious. And and the director of the organization is easily one of the nicest people I have ever met ever and bought me a hot chocolate before I had to get on the train home.

And after hearing about that awful thing that happened today, and more importantly, what people were saying about it, it made me feel icky and sad and I really needed to be in a good place today and there was no better place than there. I was surrounded by tons and tons of incredible kids who just love playing music. All day long it was just nothing but music talk from every kind of kid from elementary school to seniors in high school. When you hear one 13 year old boy ask another 13 year old boy how his concerto went, you can't help but feel that things are okay. Oh, also when you see this tiny little girl's mom wheel out this giant harp on a dolly. That was awesome.

While I was sitting around I got finally really read the scripts for Practicum and you guys, I knew I was going to do it, I knew I was going to fall in love with this one script. And I really shouldn't, because it's kind of goofy and it's really just this old folk legend everyone knows being retold and not even in a very unique way, but I can't stop myself from coming up with awesome ways to do it.

Bonus Also: we have to have business cards by the time school starts for Practicum, and I'm tempted to write, under my name instead of "director", "FUCKING MAGIC MAN". Or "SLAYER OF BEASTS", or something awesome like that. I wonder if my teachers will mind...


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